Sound designer

website updated 2023, July 29th


I work with audio post production doing sound design, sound effects, mixing, dialogue recording/editing.

Once in a while I also work as a freelance voice talent (Danish).

Epic Sound was founded by me and two others in 2002. I work there full time doing typically 50 or more small projects per year and 10 larger ones.

Earlier audio work

I composed music both as a hobby and professionally for the Hugo franchise. I played the keyboard in a cover band (mostly 80ies pop music). I created/programmed all the keyboard sounds myself. Well over a hundred sounds for the band's repertoire. 

I was lead designer on a small electronic instrument (DROID-3).


Other interests

I'm interested in PDAs and especially user interfaces. Normally I use a very special keyboard called Advantage. Retro gaming on MiSTer, Steam Deck and PSVita. How is money created? - Who are allowed to create new money and decide who gets them?

My favorite quote

"The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable."

- George Bernard Shaw



In 2005 I became lead sound designer and audio engineer at Epic Sound. Our projects include presentations, commercials, localization, sound branding, video games, audio books and much more.


Dialogue editor and sound designer

This job involved dialogue editing and sound design for a Danish film project called Payback (Gengaeld) by Pure Fiction. The story was somewhat inspired by Reservoir Dogs.


Sound effects for a feature film

I was hired by Wise Guy Productions to create the sound effects for a Danish feature film targeted at kids. It was based on a comic book by the same name, Slim Slam Slum (Joystick Nation). The film premiered summer 2002.

Sound design for television

Copenhagen Film & TV asked me to handle the sound design, dialogue cleaning and mixing on their 28-minutes documentary, Junglevagt i Amazonas (Jungle Gard in Amazonas) shot in the Amazon jungle.

Music and sound design for the cinema

Coca-Cola's advertising company created a 3D animated cinema commercial. The animation studio recommended me as sound designer and composer. It was shown is most of the Danish theaters and abroad.


Full-time job at ITE (the Hugo franchise).

Synthesizer lead designer

Coordination and structural and interface design of a synthesizer module called DROID-3 - a product I produced and sold through my company Abildgard.

Sound design for a feature film animatic

Sound design for an animatic (video storyboard) of a 3D-animated feature film written and directed by Jorgen Klubien.


Full-time job at ITE (the Hugo franchise).

Sound design for KM Animation.

Vocal editing and dance coproducer  (by CS-Jay and Hit'n'Hide producer Jens Christian Ringdal).

Studio design course at DELTA.

This year my freelance work included sound effects and music for various animations by KM Animation and vocal editing for a radio commercial and some dance projects includning a whole dance CD for kids.

I also worked with the hip hop band Rent Mel again producing four tracks for their debut CD Langt om Laenge (At Long Last).


Full-time job at ITE (the Hugo franchise).

Surround sound design course at DELTA.

Sound design and music for various animations (e.g. cartoony and sci-fi) for KM Animation among others.


Full-time job at Interactive Television Entertainment as sound designer and composer.

After 3 months of working freelance for ITE, I was hired full-time. I am currently (February 16, 2002) still employed there. The job includes dialogue editing, sound design and composing for numerous games for live TV (viewers interact by phone), Playstation, Game Boy Color/Advanced, Windows and DOS as well as TV documentaries. The style of games we made were somewhat like that of the 3D movies made by Pixar but targeted more at younger kids as opposed to the whole family.

Founded my company

While working freelance for ITE on a Windows game, I founded an audio post production company which was later to be named Abildgard.

Hip hop producer

I worked with Simon Jul and a Danish hip hop band called Rent Mel as a producer on several tracks - one of which won the Danish Hip Hop Championship that year.

Computer game sound design and music

I creating sound effects and music for an arcade-like DOS and OS/2 game called Drilling Billy.


Pop and dance coproducer, song writer and sound design for Scandinavian Records together with Sune M. Pedersen and Jens-Christian Ringdal (writers/producers of the hit Space Invaders performed by Hit'n'Hide) on a dance project called Kabuki and a pop project called QT.

We recorded at Focus Recording (in Copenhagen at the time) and met Niels Lan Doky and D:A:D there.

Through this work I got a lot of contacts in the record business and a even few in the film industry. 


Video game sound design and music

I worked as a sound designer and composer on a never-released-game called Dungeon Duel - a turn based strategy role-playing game for Amiga and DOS. This was my first experience with interactive sound.

Assistant pop producer / sound designer

By chance I heard of a small studio (Back Beat) in Copenhagen owned by Ace of Base publisher Mega Records. They needed a sound engineer to work with pop song writer Remee - member of the band Sound of Seduction at that time. They were impressed by my skills as a synth programmer.

My first credit was on the Sound of Seduction X-mas single For You To Remember.